The Reality of Planning & Schedules

You can plan, have a backup plan, and things still don’t turn out the way that you want them too. You can have a schedule, set a time to do this, this, and this. But 9 times out of ten, do you ever actually start & finish those things at the minute you’re supposed to? Nope. Sound familiar?

I love to plan and I use my planner to help me remember almost everything. (Mine is actually about to run out..and I even put that in my planner.😂) Yet, this is an A-ha! moment for me. I’ve learned that you have to be flexible but not losing sight of your priorities.

It seems like ever since I can remember, I plan my week out exactly the same. Have the exact same tasks on the same day no matter what week it was. And then when things popped up, I wondered why I wasn’t getting anything done?? Wow.

So now, I’ve had a learning curve and have had to adjust my planning ways. No more having things on the exact same day even if I have a million other things going on. Because it’s just not. Going. To. Work.

Another way I’ve had to adjust is this–whether I use a binder planner (like a Filofax, Webster’s Pages, or Kikki K) or one that’s already set up (like a mintgreen or Lilly Pulitzer). {I’m seriously thinking about splurging for the Lilly.😍}

I recently purchased an A5 Webster’s Pages Color Crush Planner Binder. I loved the idea of having everything customizable. You can get stickers, washi tape, and gel pens galore! But most of all, I liked how you could get your own inserts to put in it. And you could even make your own!

I follow quite a few planning accounts on Instagram, and absolutely love them! The way that everything is set up–it’s perfect! So I set off to find the perfect planner. Check! Now the inserts… I. Looked. Forever. Finally, I tried making my own inserts. That failed. I then realized that it just wasn’t practical for me. I needed to stick with a planner that was already set up.

I guess those who are all-in planners use planning as their creative outlet..and I just don’t have enough creativity for blogging and planning. Lol! So, for now, I’ll just have to stick with a regular planner.

A dear friend of mine told me this about planning, lists, and goals:

A plan, list, or goal without action is just a daydream.

I just love that.💕 #quotelover

So what about you, planner peeps? Have you had any A-ha! moments like this one? What planner do you use? 


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