REVIEW: Deanne Watson Jewelry Bracelet

Hello! Today, I will be reviewing a custom name bracelet from Deanne Watson Jewelry! You can visit her Etsy shop, which is linked below, to learn more about her shop & all of the items she has listed!

Let’s get started!

CATEGORY: Handmade Jewelry

SUBCATEGORY: Wire Wrapped Name Jewelry

SHOP: Deanne Watson Jewelry

Deanne Watson Manitoba, Canada, USA {Ships from North Dakota, USA.} Etsy | Instagram

My first impression. When it arrived in the mail, it definitely was a small package. It’s only a bracelet after all!😉 But, even though it was minimum packaging, it was very protected! That’s something that I especially appreciate. It drives me crazy when you order something online (e.g. Amazon) and there’s huge, wasted packaging–which ends up not being protective either. {Anyone else have this pet peeve?}

Small, but protective packaging!

The bracelet was enclosed in a clear, plastic pouch and packaged in a protective tin case!

Experience. I love the font of this bracelet and the way it looks in general. The craftsmanship of this bracelet is beautiful. [See blockquote]


Every time I see any type of wire wrapped jewelry, they always amaze me. No matter how intricate or simple they may be, they always look so clean and polished–meaning the product isn’t sloppy or the wire isn’t chipped. That’s something that takes a lot of talent, patience, and hard work.


The hook and chain closure is definitely a life saver. It’s easy for me to get on, but I know that it won’t accidentally come undone.👍


Here’s the “Custom Silver Name Bracelet” with my name, Allison!😊

Conclusion. I literally wear this bracelet It is part of my everyday jewelry favorites! [Does anyone else have those pieces of jewelry that–no matter what–you always pick them?] 

This bracelet is my go-to everyday bracelet!

I would definitely recommend checking out her Etsy shop and taking a peek at the many bracelets, necklaces, and rings! Some other items I love are here and here!

I hope you enjoyed my review & thank you so much for reading!

If you have any suggestions, comments, or thoughts as to what improvements can be made regarding the feature/review process, blog content, and overall user experience–please let me know in the comments below or via email & social media.

Thank you.


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