7 Tips To Start Your Day off on the Right Foot

Today, I wanted to share some tips that I have found to be helpful to start my day off on the right foot! There are countless tips and tricks all over Pinterest and the world wide web, but these are a compilation of a little bit of everything & some additional ones that I felt were missing. My goal was to list them in chronological order because, let’s be honest, no list is complete without it!

  1. Lay out your outfit for the next day! I know to some it may sound a little bit “childish” (in a way), but this is something I’ve found to be really helpful. I like to take my time getting ready in the morning; I feel much more relaxed. But, sometimes unexpected things pop up & you don’t always have time to, well, take your time! 

  2. Unplug before you recharge! What do I mean? I mean unplug from your phone, tablet, computer–whatever it may be–before you recharge (a.k.a. go to sleep!). It’s all too easy to fall asleep scrolling through your Insta feed, watching adorable cat GIFs on Pinterest, or maybe reading a blog post like this one.😂 But while we may think we’re winding down, in reality, we’re just making things worse. Two words. Blue. Light. Our electronic devices put off a certain type of light called, blue light. This type of light delays the brain’s signal to release the hormome melatonin & disrupts our body’s internal clock. {Some devices actually have a blue light filter mode..} So why not read a book or do some Bible reading before going to sleep? I feel like when I do fall asleep while reading, I wake up from a deeper, more relaxed sleep.

  3. Get plenty of rest!  If there is anything that you can be sure will set you up for failure, it’s not getting enough rest. It’s a fact. Well, at least in my opinion, anyways. {When I say get enough rest (8 hours e.g.), that does NOT mean going to bed at 1 o’clock or 2 o’clock in the morning and getting up around 10 a.m. That never works out either..} I know if I don’t get enough sleep, it’s bad news! I feel rushed, stressed, irritated, impatient, groggy, and lazy! No one wants to feel like that! Plus, you don’t exactly look great when your eyes are barely open with dark circles underneath.😩 And you know what they say, “When you don’t look great, you don’t feel great.”

  4. Start your day off with something good! I’ve noticed that whatever my brain receives in the morning, it sticks with me constantly throughout the day. For example, a song that I listened to when I woke up will be stuck in my head the rest of the day. You can listen to some of the (wonderful)  new kingdom songs, have personal study time, and do some Bible reading. I tend to find myself humming and singing those songs all day long.💕

  5. Eat a good breakfast & STAY HYDRATED!  One breakfast food I like is a thick, ice cold smoothie…particularly a strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry smoothie with a splash of soymilk. Mmmmmm! I love water. Always have, always will. But in the colder months, it’s definitely easy to get dehydrated! It’s so-so-so important to make sure your drinking enough water! If I don’t drink enough H2O, I can definitely tell a difference in how I feel.🤕

  6. Take a shower & get ready! We all know how much a shower can help you feel awake, but when I do my hair and makeup…I REALLY feel ready for the day!💅💄

  7. Have a clean workspace! Ah yes. If you don’t already know this about me, I love to clean! I love everything about it–the huge feeling of accomplishment, breathing in the fresh, clean air, and the heavy weight lifted off your shoulders that mess brings. I absolutely cannot work in a messy, unorganized space. I can’t focus on the work, because I’m so distracted. I feel like my mind is all over the place. It just does not work. When my bed is crisply made, the vacuum lines are clear, and everything on my desk is perfectly arranged–then I’m at ease.


Here’s a quick review…


  1. Lay out your outfit for the next day!
  2. Unplug before you recharge!
  3. Get plenty of rest!
  4. Start your day off with something good!
  5. Eat a good breakfast & STAY HYDRATED!
  6. Take a shower & get ready!
  7. Have a clean workspace!

I hope you found these tips useful and if you have any suggestions that could be added, let me know in the comments below!


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