REVIEW: Whipped Upp Soaps

Hi everyone! I’m especially excited for this blog post because it’s my first JW product review! I am currently working on an email specifically for product reviews, similar to the email for featuring JW shops & businesses. Oh, and guess what? The blog feature email got an update! I added some information, explained some points, and even added some color! Some of us may be a “little” bit more excited about that than others…😂

Alright, let’s get into the review!

CATEGORY: Beauty & Bath

SUBCATEGORY: Handmade Soap

SHOP: Whipped Upp Soaps

    Amy Lee | Washington, USA | Etsy Instagram

My first impression. Wow. When I received the box in the mail, there were so many different combinations of aromas just waiting to come out. The smell was divine. The packaging was simple with that special handmade touch. Near the tab to open the box, was a stamp that said, “Handmade from the Heart”. As I found out later on, that was definitely the case.

“Handmade from the Heart”

Unboxing. As I removed the tab and opened the box, I was pleasantly surprised. Everything was neatly enclosed in tissue paper that was secured with a wax seal.  Also, there was a lovely handwritten note!

I love the red rose & heart combo!

I carefully opened the packaging, and excitedly awaited the goodies inside!

Even Roxy was excited!😸

I was overwhelmed at the generosity of Mrs. Amy! {That’s the artisan behind this sublime shop.} She sent such a variety of soaps for me to try that I’m going to have to break down this review!

Above are just six of the eight soaps that Mrs. Amy generously sent!

I received the following soaps:

Forever Red

Vanilla Lavender Lace

Orange Goji Berry

Twisted Mint

Carrot Lavender Bastille

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Island Coconut

Charcoal Infused Facial Soap

..and the following lotion:

Lavender Vanilla

I’m going to kick off this review with the Forever Red soap. Oh. My. Goodness.💘

(via source)


Scent.  I can honestly say that I have NEVER loved a scent so much as this one! I actually wish that it was a perfume or lotion–even a candle! If it ever does happen to become any of the above, you can guarantee that I will buy one! Seriously. It smells that amazing! Here’s what the label says:

A fruity blend of fiery pomegranate combined with rare French peach and apples. The heart is red peony, red osmanthus, and night-blooming marigold, while the base will intoxicate you with notes of rum-vanilla, marshmallow, and woody shades of oak.

{Please excuse me while I go over here and faint!😱}

(via source)


Experience. I personally decided to cut the bar in half before using it in the shower. A little definitely goes a long way. It’s evident that not only the ingredients, but the process is of high quality. It sudsed up very quickly; the lather was thick and creamy. And unlike the commercial soap in the store, I was truly happy knowing that, after using this soap, my skin was moisturized, smelled A-MA-ZING (as we’ve covered🙈), and best of all–chemical/toxin free.

The soap that I will be reviewing this time, is one that I really really appreciate. (And I think you will, too.😉)

It’s something that almost every one of us girls struggles with. That’s right, I’m talking about our face. More importantly–our skin. My face can go from a-ma-zing! to Ugh. very quickly. I used this soap during a “dry period” that my face was going through and I was so pleased with the results.

Here are my thoughts for the Charcoal Infused Facial Soap.

Scent.  When I smell this soap, it instantly makes me think “earthy” and “natural”. At the same time, it also has an invigorating effect.

ExperienceIt’s tricky to wash your face when it’s dry in certain spots, and in others you have blackheads, whiteheads, and all of that other gross stuff.😝 I didn’t feel like my face had been drained of all its moisture after using this soap. That’s a huge plus for me. Dry, flaky skin on your face is a big no-no if you wear liquid foundation. (Or any time really..) And in the spots where I had acne, they had noticeably toned down.

After I got out of the shower, my face felt (and looked) so good! I had an even skin tone; it wasn’t red. It definitely felt tighter and was nice & smooth!😍

Conclusion. This is my go-to facial soap! It leaves my oil to hydration ratio balanced & leaves my face feeling refreshed! It definitely is a keeper and I will be buying more!

Click here to see some of the other facial soaps in this shop!

This is the last section of the review. This part of the review will include the Carrot Lavender Bastille soap, Vanilla Lavender Lace soap, & the Vanilla Lavender lotion.

Here are my thoughts for the Carrot Lavender Bastille soap.


Scent.  This soap has a very nice, light natural scent about it! Here’s what the description says…

Carrot Lavender Bastille soap is made with 100% buttermilk and lavender essential oil. Very light scent and extremely gentle soap.

No color added (except for purred carrots and charcoal). Topped with Black lava salt.

Made with saponified oils of: organic olive, organic coconut, castor, organic buttermilk, organic purred carrots, colloidal oatmeal, tussah silk, essential oil, charcoal, black lava salt.

Even thought the scent is light, I could truly smell the carrot and lavender!

Experience. This soap is definitely different from others. It is extremely moisturizing! I personally use it in the kitchen. I wash my hands with this bastille soap after washing the dishes, because the detergent dries my hands out like crazy! Due to its high oil base, this soap is best kept in a dish where it can dry! If you do this, it will last much longer!

If you’re not familiar with the term bastille, in the soap world, it means this:

Bastille is a term affectionately coined by soapers for soap that is made with a high percentage of olive oil. Castille is 100% olive oil soap and bastille is soap made with 70% (or more) olive oil but contains other oils or butters. (via source)

Conclusion.  The Carrot Lavender Bastille soap is awesome for those who are looking for a natural, ultra moisturizing soap that still has bubbles!  

And last, but certainly not least, the Lavender Vanilla lotion!

Scent.  Oh my. I am absolutely in love with the way the lotion smells! The scent is absolutely perfect! It has the right balance of both vanilla and lavender.

When I first smell it, I definitely smell the lavender first, but the vanilla follows right behind! I feel like its the perfect balance because the lavender isn’t overpowering. Lavender is such a strong scent–whether it be essential oil, soap, lotion, or the actual plant itself! So because the vanilla tones down the lavender, I love the combination!

Also, I don’t think this scent is too strong. {Something I’m sure those of you with allergies will appreciate!} Sometimes I’ll buy lotion at a store that smells amazing, but because the fragrance is so strong–it can make it hard to breathe! Its almost like a huge cloud surrounds you!😷😧

Experience.  This lotion is perfectly moisturizing! I’ve been using it more often, due to the approaching cold, winter months. I personally think less is more and you can apply more if needed later. If you put too much on, it can give you sort of a greasy feeling. Once I use a modest amount, my dry skin will absorb it, and then I apply more.

Conclusion. This lotion is the whole package. It’s moisturizing, very creamy, and has a perfectly balanced scent! What more could you want?

I hope that you enjoyed my review & thank you so much for reading!


If you have any suggestions, comments, or thoughts as to what improvements can be made regarding the feature/review process, blog content, and overall user experience–please let me know in the comments below or via email & social media.

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