Important Update for All

Hello my dear brothers and sisters! I hope that you all are doing well! I wanted to give you all an update as to what’s happening when it comes to blog features, Instagram features and even my actual blog. I know a lot of you have been extensively waiting on Instagram features and to be added to the directory of shops & businesses. For that, I am truly sorry.
Recently, we had our wonderful Circuit Overseer visit. In one of his talks, Jehovah gave all of us a loving reminder that we constantly need to remember. For me, It felt as if the talk was for me & I know that when that’s the case, it calls for action on my part. It’s always so reassuring and encouraging when you know that it was just what you needed at the proper time. 
The focus was on weights. (Hebrews 12:1) Weights in the sense that they represent the things in our life. Sometimes we add weights to ourselves without even realizing it. We may have the absolute best of intentions, but along the way we might have hindered ourselves in our service to Jehovah. So when we realize that we can take action to remove certain weights off of ourselves, in order that we may run the race with endurance, we need to exercise self-discipline and do so. Because when we add weights, we’re making it harder for ourselves.
THE most important thing is that we keep our integrity, faithfulness, and loyalty to Jehovah–and Jehovah alone— in tact. 
And so because of that loving reminder from the C.O. visit, material I’ve recently read in our publications, and the talks/instruction we have—I am confident that this is the right decision.
This means that, effective immediately I will no longer accept blog feature or Instagram feature requests. By the end of next week, this email address will not be active. My Instagram and Pinterest accounts will both be deleted by the end of next week as well. The website/blog will still be accessible, but there will be no new posts or features. For those of you that have not yet been featured, I’m truly sorry but I will not be able to do them. While I do feel really bad, I realize that nothing is more important that my relationship with Jehovah & making sure that I prioritize and put the Kingdom first. (Matthew 6:33)
I know that each and every one of you strive to do the same thing. I hope that you all will be supportive of my decision. For the few of  you that I have told, you have no idea how much your kind & thoughtful words encouraged me. 
Your sister,

9 thoughts on “Important Update for All”

  1. Dear Allison,
    When I saw your Instagram post saying you will be closing your account, I thought What have I missed? I was in a hit and run car accident and hadn’t been following but a few accounts. Reading this blog explained alot. I commend you for your decision.
    Sometimes people and even ourselves do not realize how much time we use up just looking at Instagram accounts let along writing a blog and helping to permote others creativity. Our of your love for our fellow brothers and sisters abilities for hand and personally made crafts you have spent more hours than one can imagine. You are to be commended for that alone. Yet to realize Jehovah is nudging you to use your time in a more productive way is truely a blessing. Then to take action on it is far beyond amazing.
    Do go forward with your decision and accept the activity involved in living the best life ever. You only have more blessing awaiting you as both Jehovah and Jesus promised. Mal.3:10, Matt.6:33. These two scriptures help me tremendously when I feel a little spiritually off. You will be in my prayers as you move forward in removing heavy and light weights from your life as Paul said in running the race set before you.
    Much love to you my sister.
    Your sister, Carla

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    1. Carla,

      Yes. I sent out an email to some shops explaining my decision, but I know that everyone’s not guaranteed to see it. So I wanted to post on Instagram as well. And I’m so glad I did because I loved & appreciated every. single. word. of what you said. Thank you Soo Much for your commendation, but also sharing a bit of your experience. I love those two scriptures as well. Especially Matthew 6:33, it’s so short, but it tells you exactly what is needed & what will happen when we do that.

      I’m sorry to hear that you were in an accident! But I hope that you are doing well! I will most certainly have you in my thoughts & prayers as well. Please do keep in touch.

      Your sister,



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