REVIEW: Whipped Upp Soaps

Hi everyone! I'm especially excited for this blog post because it's my first JW product review! I am currently working on an email specifically for product reviews, similar to the email for featuring JW shops & businesses. Oh, and guess what? The blog feature email got an update! I added some information, explained some points,… Continue reading REVIEW: Whipped Upp Soaps


REVIEW: Deanne Watson Jewelry Bracelet

Hello! Today, I will be reviewing a custom name bracelet from Deanne Watson Jewelry! You can visit her Etsy shop, which is linked below, to learn more about her shop & all of the items she has listed! Let's get started! CATEGORY: Handmade Jewelry SUBCATEGORY: Wire Wrapped Name Jewelry SHOP: Deanne Watson Jewelry Deanne Watson | Manitoba, Canada, USA {Ships from North Dakota, USA.} | Etsy | Instagram My… Continue reading REVIEW: Deanne Watson Jewelry Bracelet